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A Helpful Guide to Tokyo Disneyland Resort and Hotel


If you are a fan of all things Disney, Tokyo Disneyland should be on top of your bucket list. Tokyo Disneyland is unique from other theme parks because it combines the two worlds of the magic kingdom Florida and Disneyland, California. There are two theme parks in TDR: Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disneysea. 

Tokyo Disneysea includes all the ports instead of lands, and the members are called ‘’Crew members’’ as well. All the attractions at Disneysea are unique to only this park and cannot be experienced anywhere else. How cool, right?

Tokyo Disneyland has a unique layout and quite a few surprises in store when it comes to rides and attractions. The shows at Tokyo Disneyland are one of a kind, and you don’t get to witness these kinds of shows in the United States.

Not only this, but the touch of Japanese culture and style has added a unique touch to the theme park, which is all worth the hassle.

If you have been thinking about going to Tokyo Disneyland but are confused and intimidated about where to start and what to do? Don’t worry; this comprehensive guide on Tokyo Disneyland is specially created to give you an inside scoop of how things work in TDR.

So read on and start planning a one-of-a-kind trip to the most amazing theme park in the world.

Best Time to Visit Tokyo Disneyland

It highly depends on whether you are only visiting Tokyo Disneyland or do you plan to explore the beauty of Japan as well. The best time to visit Japan is the cherry blossom season and if visiting the parks isn’t the only thing on your list, we highly recommend this season. But if TDR is your topmost priority, let’s see what time is best suitable to visit.

July and August are crazy crowded in TDR, just like in Walt Disney or any other Resort in the world. Moreover, the summer in Tokyo is particularly humid. Combining that with a high crowd is not the best time to visit. But if summer is your only option, we recommend going in June since the weather is less warm and the crowd is relatively lesser.

If you want to go in spring, the best month is April. March is pretty busy at Tokyo Disney resort because of the spring break. February is also a good option if you prefer a trip in a cooler month and the crowds are lower than March. If you would love to enjoy the full magic of Tokyo Disneyland, Halloween and Christmas time are great to visit. November and December have low crowds, and the park is decorated majestically, making it a sight to behold. January is an excellent option if you want to avoid the crowd altogether. Although the weather is cold, less crowd and noise is a good trade-off.

Best Hotels to Stay at Tokyo Disneyland

Deciding where to stay when visiting Tokyo Disneyland can be a daunting task. That’s the reason we curated a list of hotels, including every option from finest to cheapest in this guide. Read on and plan your hotel stay accordingly.

Tokyo Disney Hotels

Tokyo Disney hotels are inside the premises of Disneyland itself. There are 4 options: Hotel MiraCosta, Tokyo Disneyland Hotel, Tokyo Disney Celebration Hotel, and the Disney Ambassador Hotel. 

Understandably these hotels are luxurious and on the expensive side due to the prime location and the lavish standards. All the hotels are owned by the Tokyo Disneyland resort. Out of the four hotels, the Tokyo Disney celebration hotel is the cheapest and justifies the price tag because of its unfavorable location. All the other hotels inside the resorts are gorgeously decorated and worth every dime. All the hotels offer 15 minutes early entry into the park, which is a great help, especially on a busy day.

We stayed in the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel and enjoyed each and every moment. We specifically chose the beauty and the beast room because of the kids, and they loved every minute of it. We made some great memories that are totally worth the money, so if you can afford it, we highly recommend staying at the top 3 hotels inside Tokyo Disneyland.

Tokyo Disney Official Hotels

The official hotels are right outside the park and are a great option for people looking to save some money while still staying in a luxury hotel. The Disney monorail stops at 4 stations- and one of the stops is right beside Tokyo Disneyland official hotels. Staying at these hotels mean you are only a short walk or a short train ride away from the park.

There are sixe official hotels including international chains like Hilton and Sheraton which may appeal to americans. Most of the time you can get a great deal on these hotels which makes these hotels great options for people on a budget. All in all, you get a great location, top-quality accommodation, and affordable rates at official hotels.

Tokyo Disney Partner and Neighbourhood Hotels

Tokyo is a large city and obviously, there are tons of hotels scattered throughout the city. Tokyo Disneyland is not situated in the main city but rather on the outskirts. So if you are looking for the cheapest options, the unlimited number of hotels inside the city are your best bet. Tokyo Disneyland resort also provides partner’s hotels’ lists that are closer to the resort. This should be your last option since traveling long routes will be a hassle and not worth the effort. If you decide to go with this option, we recommend checking out the distance from the resort before booking.

Part Tickets Information

The good thing is that Tokyo Disneyland tickets are quite cheaper compared to similar theme parks in the United States. Of course, the exact price of the ticket also depends on currency conversion at any given time, but a one-day ticket costs $70 (approx. 7400 Yen). If you are spending more days at the park, you get even more value on tickets, with a 4-day ticket passport costing you up to $220. 

One thing to keep in mind is that just like Disneyland resort, the maximum number of days allowed on a ticket is 4 days only. It’s important to remember that you cannot hop between the parks on first or second-day tickets. You can do park hopping on the 3rd or 4th day.

But if you are staying at Tokyo Disneyland hotels, you can buy special tickets that enable you to park hop on any day. You can purchase tickets at official hotels or Tokyo Disneyland hotels as well. Buying tickets the night before is a better option because that way you don’t need to wait in line in the morning. You can also purchase tickets on online sites like Klook or Voyagin. TDR also offers low-priced tickets ($40) on Saturdays and Sundays after 3:00 PM. From Monday-Friday, you can buy discounted tickets that are valid after 6:00 Pm. 

Must-visit Attractions

Tokyo Disneyland doesn’t fail to provide non-stop entertainment in all shapes and forms. Brimming with awesome rides, astonishing parades, and delightful stage shows- TDR has an abundance of joy for adults and kids. 

You can enjoy massive harbor shows at DisneySea that are quite a spectacle. The western river railroad ride is magical as you get to experience the peacefulness of the kingdom on a magical starry night. Space Mountain is another popular genre you don’t want to miss out on if you are a fan of outer space and galaxy. Haunted Mansion, Jungle cruise, small world, and Hunny hunt are some of the rides popular with kids.

Even if you are not a fan of rides, just exploring the beauty of the enchanting surroundings of Tokyo Disneyland will keep you occupied for days. The beautifully detailed land is all part of the charm of Tokyo Disneyland, so make sure you take it all in. Mediterranean Harbour, American waterfront, Mysterious Island, and Arabian in Disney sea are must-visit attractions. For Tokyo Disneyland, we loved Westernland, fantasyland, and World Bazaar.


Of Course, food is one of the biggest concerns when visiting a foreign country. Rest assured, Japanese food won’t disappoint you. It’s pretty flavorful and low on spices. If you are finicky about your food, there are lots of options like Chinese, American, Italian, and standard street food throughout the park, just like Disney world and Disneyland. It all depends on which option you choose to go with. Full-service dinners with 3 course meals at best theme restaurants like Magellan’s (best theme park restaurant worldwide) will cost you under $30/per person. 

There are some significantly less expensive options at Tokyo Disneyland Resort. Counter-service meals are also cheaper and include high-end dining options.

Japanese love to try ‘’exotic food’’ so you can easily get any type of food especially American street food like hamburgers, hot dogs, sandwiches, fried chicken and popcorn, etc. Other than a wide variety of food, Tokyo Disneyland has absolutely adorable snacks that kids can munch on. You can even make an experience out of it and explore all the cute little snacks for one whole day. It will be the most memorable experience of your life indeed.


In a Word

Whenever you visit Tokyo Disneyland, we are pretty sure you will have the time of your lives just as we did. Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disneysea are some of the best theme parks in the world. From rides, landmarks, attractions to food landscapes and hotels- everything in Tokyo Disneyland is worth a visit to Tokyo. We hope this guide will help you plan your trip to TDR. if you have any suggestions and comments, leave them down below, and don’t forget to share your experience at Tokyo Disneyland.


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