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Attractions Available in Zushi Beach Now: A Daytrip Guide

Attractions Available in Zushi Beach Now: A Daytrip Guide

After working through other necessary preparations and planning for my big move to Japan, I spent time researching the beaches on the mainland. Actually, I spent hours researching. In my mind, I didn’t think there were many available beaches besides the one in Okinawa. After spending so much time researching, I was delighted to find Zushi Beach! This small beach town is an hour from Tokyo. You can have a great time spending a day in Zushi Beach.

On clear days, you can view the majestic Mount Fuji peeking out over the sparkling water of Zushi Beach. You’ll find an abundance of surfers, cafés, and seafood restaurants in this town. Unfortunately, with the current circumstances, available activities are limited. However, there are still plenty of things to see and do in Zushi, whether you’re traveling solo, with a significant other, or with kids. Take a look below for day trip ideas to this lovely town.


Spending the Day in Zushi: Places to Explore


  1. Spending a day at the beach
  2. Hiking to Hiroyama Park
  3. Visiting the local shrine



Spending a Day at the Zushi Beach


Since Zushi is a beach town, it’s only appropriate to take time to enjoy the beautiful, pristine sands and water in the area. Take your family to the beach and spend the day sunbathing, playing volleyball on the sand, or even just exploring the coastline and checking out the available restaurants.


Hiking to Hiroyama Park


Another great option is hiking to Hiroyama Park. You can enjoy the gorgeous overlook of Zushi City at the top of Mount Hiroyama, where Hiroyama Park is located. Catch a glimpse of the local wildlife while you’re here, including the macaques and peacocks.


Visiting the Local Shrines


There are actually a few local shrines that you can visit, including the Kameoka Hachiman Shrine. Shrines are amazing places to see – you can take a step back in history and learn about the local area just by visiting a shrine. They’re definitely worth a stop – add in a visit to a local temple, and you can spend the day immersing yourself in the details etched into the stone plaques.


Great Spots to Eat at in Zushi Beach


While there are many places to stop and eat here, there are a few that really blew me away.

  1. 808 Café. This café is right on the beach so you can enjoy the views and delightful food at the same time. The vegan curry at this restaurant is incredibly delicious – I highly recommend it.
  2. Dark Arts Coffee.      This vegan-friendly cafe offers brunch at 11 am. Check out their cinnamon and Vietnamese coffee for an early morning treat.spending a day in Zushi Beachspending a day in Zushi Beach
  3. Cantina. A perfect spot for lunch – sit right on the gorgeous beach and enjoy Mediterranean flavors. If you’re a seafood lover, this is the place for you.


Stroll around this fantastic little town and see what hidden spots you can find. Test out new restaurants and hang out with the local surfers. Whatever you decide to do, if spending the day in Zushi Beach you’ll have a blast exploring the markets and playing in the sun all day.

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