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Favorite Family Friendly Park Near Yokosuka Base

Favorite Family-Friendly Park Near Yokosuka Base

If you’re stationed at Yokosuka Base, finding things to do on a budget can be challenging. Especially if you’ve just arrived here and don’t know the area very well. As I’ve grown to know the area better, I’ve found that parks are a great way to get outdoors and spend time. Plus, they’re free, and there are many close by Yokosuka Base. Here are my favorite family-friendly parks near the main base.

Best Family Favorite Parks Near Yokosuka Base

We all need fun, outdoor attractions the entire family can enjoy. Luckily, there are plenty close by to Yokosuka Base!

Umikaze Park.

This park is within walking distance from Yokosuka Base, so it’s incredibly accessible. Here you’ll find tennis courts, a skateboarding park, and it’s all situated right by the water for beautiful views.

Le Soleil Hill Park Yokosuka.

This park is technically considered an amusement park. However, it’s a family-friendly location and a great spot to spend the day. You’ll find a trail through the park that leads to a beach, camping area, and even a petting zoo. Le Soleil is actually a French-inspired park – as you’re walking into the entrance, you’ll see a cute French-style awning.

There is an abundance of activities to keep you and your family entertained here. This is one of our favorite spots to visit near the Yokosuka base, due to the number of things to see and do here. A few activities we’ve participated in while at this park are sweet potato digging and sunflower observation/painting.

If you want the full experience, there is a membership fee as well as some small additional fees for the attractions. However, the membership is not required to enter the park. There is a good number of activities and sightseeing that can be done without paying for the membership.

There is also a restaurant here – if you have picky eaters, you may want to eat before or bring some snacks since the options here are limited.

The best part? There is a bus that will take you directly from the train station to the park.

Kurihama Flower Park.

This park boasts gorgeous fields of flowers that are seasonal. This is the perfect spot for a family photoshoot. There is also a train that moves through the park on Japanese holidays and the famous Godzilla Slide. Overall, a great spot to enjoy at least once. This is a great family-friendly park.

Kinugasa Park.

This is our favorite nature park in the area. It’s conveniently located within walking distance from the Kinugasa JR Train Station. When visiting here, you’ll find a short (very) distance hiking trail. Perfect for getting into nature for a few minutes.

There are also baseball and softball fields that usually have games with students from the local high school and middle school that live in Yokosuka Base.

Don’t forget to seek out the metasequoia tree – this is one of the main attractions that bring people to the park.

You’ll also find a scavenger hunt map, gorgeous seasonal flowers, and a wooden play structure for younger children.

There is Park for everyone near Yokosuka Base

Overall, the park presence near Yokosuka Main Base is excellent. If your family is filled with nature lovers, you’ll fit right in here. All of the parks listed are free and easy to reach from Yokosuka Main Base. Enjoy the nature offerings of the area.


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