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Are your kids huge Lego fans? Or perhaps, you’re a huge Lego fan (nothing wrong with being a kid at heart!) If so, Legoland Japan, near Railway Park, is the ultimate destination for you and your family. This amusement park features seven sections, each relating to a Lego universe. There are plenty of rides and activities; some geared toward children and some for adults. Let’s dive into this Legoland Japan guide, so you can start heading to this fun destination!

How to Get to Legoland

There are multiple methods to get to Legoland; here are a few options that you can choose from.

Bullet Train Ride

One of the quickest ways to get around Japan is by bullet train, known as shinkansen trains. These trains travel at 300 kmph and arrive quickly to other major cities. From Tokyo, take the Tokaido Shinkansen to Nagoya. After that, take the Nagoya Rinkai Rapid Transit to Kinjōfutō-eki. It will take a few minutes to walk to Legoland.

4-Hour Drive

You can drive to Legoland Japan as well. However, this option takes about 4-hours, so if you’re attempting to stay only for a day, this is not the best option. Driving to Legoland makes the most sense for those staying overnight or a few days as you’ll have more time to explore the rides and activities.

Fly to Nagoya Airport Plus Taxi

The final option is flying from Tokyo to Nagoya Airport. This option is also not ideal for those planning a day trip to Legoland as the flight alone takes about four hours. After that, you’ll need to take a taxi to Legoland, which will have an additional 25-minute drive time.

Where to Stay at Legoland

Legoland Japan Hotel, located right at the Legoland Japan-themed park, is the best option for accommodations. This hotel adds to the enjoyment of Legoland Resort. There are multiple interactive activities, play areas, and a workshop to help keep kids entertained. You won’t have to worry about catching a taxi, train, or plane as you can roll out of bed with the family and head out the door to explore the resort and rides.

There are also excellent package deals available. For example, you can bundle your hotel room with free breakfast, so you don’t have to worry about finding a restaurant to eat before heading to the park. Another package includes the hotel room, breakfast, and tickets to the resort all in one bundle. We booked the package with the hotel room, breakfast, and tickets to the resort.

Besides offering convenience and proximity, Legoland Hotel also offers an array of themed rooms that can be chosen ahead of time. Now, you can fully immerse yourself and your family in the world of Legos. Some themes include adventure, pirate, kingdom, and friends premium theme rooms. Even the walls on the way to the rooms are decorated according to the theme!

Legoland View From our Legoland Hotel room


Hotels Near Nagoya Station

If you’re looking for a more affordable option, you can also find hotels nearby Legoland Japan and Nagoya Station. This accommodation option will help cut down on the timing to get to Legoland Japan Resort. This way, you’ll have as much time at the park as possible. Here are a few hotels to check out near the train station.

Nagoya Marriott Associa Hotel

This hotel is on the higher end, though quite a few perks come along with it. The guest rooms are spacious and created in the traditional Japanese style. From the windows of this very nice hotel, there are stunning panoramic views. This hotel also offers nine different restaurants – all featuring a different style of cuisine ranging from Chinese to Japanese, French, and Italian. The list of amenities includes a private bathroom in each room, free wifi, food and beverage services, and many other offerings. The Mariott is one of the best hotels in Nagoya, though pricier.

Daiwa Roynet Hotel

This location is recognized as a business hotel. This note means that each room includes a fridge, desk, and basics like hairdryers and pajamas. This is a more budget-friendly option that would work well for smaller families, couples, or solo travelers. Single, double, and twin beds are available in the hotel rooms at Daiwa Roynet Hotel.

Available Activities At Legoland, Japan

Now that you’ve reached the legendary Legoland, what are the available activities? Here’s a quick summary of what is available at Legoland and Sealife.



As mentioned, there are activities here that are excellent for kids and adults. Start with a tour of the Legoland Factory for a fun, educational look into how the Legos are made.

Then it’s time to hit the rides! There is a carousel, multiple rollercoasters, and water rides that are great for warmer temperatures. Playground areas, carnival games, and workshops are available for children and adults to enjoy.

There are five restaurants available at Legoland offering an array of food from pizza to fried chicken, steak, and pasta options.

Don’t forget to stop at the available shops for souvenirs and new Lego toys to take back home! All of the attractions and activities can be found on the Legoland Japan official website.


Sealife, a Nagoya Public Aquarium, is also available at Legoland to explore. This option is an activity that will take at least a few hours, so plan to arrive here early so you can see both Sealife and Legoland. Otherwise, you’ll feel rushed trying to fit in both Sealife and Legoland.

Start the exploration with the Shoaling Ring. This aquarium ring offers views into a large tank filled with Yellowtail Fusiliers. Then, you and your family can explore the many exhibits available! You’ll find tanks with freshwater fish, a seahorse nursery with mangroves, and a coral reef exhibit – to name a few.

There are interactive portions as well, like the rockpools. Here, guests can reach in and touch starfish and sea anemones. Stingray Bay, a jellyfish display, and a sunken ship-themed tank with moray eels are among the other available exhibits.

Ryugo-jo is a fascinating exhibit that incorporates a traditional Japanese story into the tank. Tropical fish and exciting sharks make their way around the centerpiece in the tank. Kids can finish off the experience by drawing their own fish creations.

Visiting Legoland and Sealife are unforgettable experiences. These two locations offer the perfect combination of education and fun to create exciting attractions. These are two spots that you’ll want to add to your bucket list. Your family will thank you!



View of the park from our hotel room
View of the park from our hotel room


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