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Visiting The Amazing & Beautiful Kamakura Museum Of Literature in Japan

Visiting The Amazing & Beautiful Kamakura Museum Of Literature in Japan

There are many things to do and see in Japan – with such a rich history; you’ll want to see everything Japan has to offer. While staying in Japan, I visited the Kamakura Museum of Literature. This is a must-see here. The museum has an incredibly interesting background that is sure to pique your interest. Here are some details for when you visiting the Kamakura museum.

History of Kamakura

The Kamakura Museum of Literature’s main building and the vast site was actually the villa and home to the former Marquis Maeda and Toshiie Maeda. Marquis was known as the feudal lord of Kaga Hyakumangoku.

Starting in 1985, the Kamakura Museum of Literature opened up to collect, preserve, and display items such as books, manuscripts, and even favorite items from well-known literary figures from Kamakura.

Now, this museum holds both works from famous Kamakura writers and special exhibits throughout the year. You’ll also find a gorgeous garden and architecture so stunning; it was featured in a writing piece by Yukio Mishima.

The building only uses stairs – they will try to accommodate everyone and assist as much as possible. Something to keep in mind while traveling here.

How to get to the Kamakura Museum of Literature

One option is taking the train to the museum. You can catch a ride from JR Kamakura Station then transfer to Enoden. You’ll want to get off of the train at Yuigahama Station, which is about 7 minutes away from the museum via walking.

Another option is to make the trip via car. There is information on the museum’s website concerning available parking lots. Here are some basic notes on driving to the museum.

  • There is not a parking lot available directly at the museum. It is recommended to use public transportation to get here. This will help avoid having to park far away.
  • There is also a bus stop that drops you off near the Kamakura museum. It is about three minutes away by foot.

Here are a few additional ways to get to the museum.

  1. Hase Parking. This is ten minutes away by walking. If you have any questions, they can be reached at Tel. 0467-22-9595.
  2. Yuigahama Underground Parking. This parking area is 15 minutes away by walking. Reach out with any questions via Tel. 0467-61-2829.
  3. Daibutsu Pay Parking. This is 13 minutes away on foot. However, you’ll need to take part in a Hase-Dera tour to park here.
  4. Large Buddha Tour Hase – Dera Parking Lot. This parking lot is only ten minutes away by walking. You’ll need to take part in a Hase-Dera tour to park here as well.

Whether you ride the bus, train, or drive – the trip is worth it to visit the Kamakura Museum of Literature. You’ll see beautiful blooming flowers (depending on the time of year visited) and awe-inspiring architecture. This spot is a way to walk into the history of the area. If you’re a book lover – this is a great way to see literary pieces from the area.

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